Our First Step: Raise Awareness

Our first initiative as the Healthy Living Coalition is to increase awareness around food and nutrition insecurity, its causes, and its consequences. We’ve developed easy-to-share graphics to help you start a conversation with your community.

Click the images below and share them on social media with #goodfood4all.

There are five key areas that companies and organizations can help democratize healthy living and good food for all. Where will you make an impact?

  • Provide direct relief to those struggling with food insecurity and access to nutrition. Whether financial or brand resources, every contribution helps!

  • Join or start a campaign to educate the public of the issues surrounding food insecurity and malnutrition, raise awareness of new solutions and ways that everyone can get involved.

  • Join our HLC brain trust where we share insights and learnings, and provide strategy and scale to emerging solutions from social entrepreneurs that create equitable access to good food.

  • Contribute to the development of a unified set of principles that helps businesses globally measure their impact on SDG-2: Zero Hunger.

  • Work to change business practices to create sustainable access to good food for all.

Our Blueprint for Impact

In our first year, we will create an action plan that sets benchmarks for our work together by conducting a review of all partner contributions and impact efforts, alongside feedback from our nonprofit partners.

In our first year, the Healthy Living Coalition will start our measurable impact work in the areas of consumer mobilization, improved access to good food, and distribution of nutrition education. 

In addition, we will be laying the groundwork for longer-term impact by finding and accelerating solutions from social entrepreneurs; and by developing our unified set of business principles.

While each coalition member plans to maintain or increase giving resources to organizations who are combating food insecurity on the front lines, we also plan to invest in scalable solutions designed to make systemic change.

We will accelerate new solutions to democratize healthy living by:

  • Supporting and scaling emerging social entrepreneurs with solutions that improve food systems
  • Contributing brand and financial resources that provide improved nutrition and good food for all
  • Creating a “Healthy Living” brand assessment tool to drive sector-wide impact on UN SDG-2

We will help people prioritize nutrition and healthy living by:

  • Providing free nutrition and healthy living educational content to communities in need

We will raise awareness of UN SDG-2, food and nutrition insecurity by:

  • Leveraging our platforms to educate the public about the double burden of malnutrition, food insecurity and related issues
  • Creating calls-to-action that mobilize people to become part of the solution

Together, lets amplify our individual action into collective impact.

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