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Raising Awareness to Drive Collective Acceleration

Since launching the Healthy Living Coalition in October 2020, our more than 20+ members have partnered to develop an action plan for addressing food justice and nutrition security and raising awareness to drive collective acceleration. 

Community Gardens

In partnership with the HLC and as a part of its lasting commitment to the Tampa Bay community, WWE launched plans to build five community gardens in honor of WrestleMania 37. These spaces will be integrated into local school’s curriculum to help students and their families learn the importance of healthy and sustainable nutrition. WWE leaned on the HLC language guide to shift the narrative towards sustainable, root cause-focused actions to address nutrition insecurity. The event and effort was celebrated by the WWE community as well as celebrity partners such as Titus O’Neal. 

Images courtesy of WWE.


One of the key initiatives of the HLC is to increase awareness of the causes and consequences of food and nutrition insecurity. With this goal in mind, our first mobilization campaign—which ran from December 2020 through January 2021—and reached 20.4 million people organically. With participation from 13 partners, we drove a 29% increase in #goodfood4all usage over the 6 week period and 180% YoY increase in mentions of “nutrition insecurity” and “food insecurity.” 

Food Systems Definitions to Conscious Language Guide

In line with the HLC’s mission to raise awareness of food justice and nutrition security, we partnered with Healthline Media to add food systems definitions to their Conscious Language Guide as part of their TRANSFORM: Health Equity initiative. Healthline will be including eight food justice terms—such as food sovereignty, food justice, and Federal Nutrition Programs—in their guide, which is intended to encourage readers to use more inclusive language. 

Together, let’s transform our individual action into collective impact.

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